Appeal Options

· MAIL, FAX OR ONLINE: You may elect to complete the protest form attached to your Notice of Valuation and mail it to Jefferson County Assessor, 100 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden, CO 80419 or fax it to 303-271-8616. Also, there is a residential appeals form which you may complete online at: . Your protest submission must be POSTMARKED, TRANSMITTED BY FAX, OR ENTERED ONLINE NO LATER THAN JUNE 3, 2019.

· IN PERSON: If you appeal in person, you must do so before the close of business on June 3rd at the Assessor's office at 100 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden, CO 80419

Timing is Everything: It is advisable to appeal right away. The last few days of the appeal period are often very busy and you may experience a long wait.


How to Appeal an Assessment

To appeal an assessment, you should explain why you believe the Assessor's value is wrong. By comparing your property to other similar properties that sold, you can determine whether or not your property has been fairly valued. The following is a list of resources that might aid you.


· Property Records Search
Sales information for most neighborhoods, as well as additional property details, is available on this web site. To find your home online use this shortcut.  Enter your address or a range of addresses on this page, then click on the blue link for your home.  Then click on the "Sales" tab to find the comps you can use in your appeal.  It will look like this:































·  Real Estate Information Line, 303-271-8666:  "Inventory information" for up to three residences is provided over the phone. Simply supply the address(es), schedule number(s) or owner's name.  


What to Expect After You Appeal

If you appeal, the Assessor will start mailing you a Notice of Determination beginning in July and ending by the last working day in August. This notice will show the adjustment to value, if any, made by the Assessor's Office and explain how to appeal to the County Board of Equalization (County Commissioners) if you are still dissatisfied. The appeal to the County Board of Equalization (CBOE) should be filed by August 1. The CBOE meets July 1 through October 1. They must conclude their hearings by November 1, and notify petitioners of their decision within five business days.

If you wish to appeal a decision of the CBOE, you must do so within 30 days of their decision. Your options are described on their response to you.

This web page created by Jim Smith of Golden Real Estate is adapted from the “How to Appeal” page of the Jeffco Assessor’s web site.

Speech Bubble: Rectangle: This is the information about your house
Speech Bubble: Rectangle: Click this tab  to view the  
qualified sales
Speech Bubble: Rectangle: Click on ‘Design’ so all the homes like yours  (in this case 1 Story/Ranch) appear together.  Those are the comps you can use.