Golden Real Estate’s 2019 Sustainability Series

Each session will focus on a single aspect of sustainability.  All sessions are 1 hour long and begin at 5 p.m. in our Golden office at 17695 S. Golden Road, Golden.  You can reserve your seat for any sustainability session by sending an email to

At right: The Denver Business Journal recently featured our Net Zero energy office.  Click on video thumbnail to view their video tour explaining our sustainable features.

Here’s the schedule for the first six meetings:


Jan. 17th — Home Insulation

Walls, windows, foundations, crawl spaces, attics. (This is a bigger topic than you might think, but it’s also the cheapest and most effective path to reducing energy consumption.)  Presenters include Steve Stevens of Golden Oldy Cyclery and Dennis Brachfield of About Saving Heat.  Registration is closed.  A video recording of the session has been posted on YouTube.  Click here for a list of Steve Stevens’ sustainability videos with clickable links.


Feb. 21st — Home Heating Methods

Forced air, heat pumps, radiant floor, solar thermal, and other technologies.  Presenter was Bill Lucas-Brown of GB3 Energy. 

Click here to view the YouTube video recording of this session.


Mar. 21st — Solar Power

Rooftop and ground-mounted photovoltaic, solar gardens, solar panels vs. solar roof tiles, and home battery storage/backup.  Presenters were Ernesto Grossman of Golden Solar, which installed all three solar PV arrays at Golden Real Estate, and Eric Krohn of Champion Bank, for specializes in financing solar installations. 

A YouTube video of this session is now available at


Apr. 18th — Electric Vehicles

What’s here now and what’s coming soon in cars, trucks, motorcycles and more.  Presenters included Steve Stevens and Jim Smith, who have both been driving electric since 2012, and David McNeil, the Secretary and Newsletter Editor of the Denver Electric Vehicle Council.  Two days later, on April 20th, there was an electric vehicle roundup in Golden Real Estate’s parking lot, where owners displayed their EVs, answered questions and, in some cases, offered rides.

A YouTube video of this session is now available at

A video of the April 20th Drive Electric Earth Day event is now available at

Note: This week, MIT featured Jim Smith and Golden Real Estate for its Net Zero Energy building.  Here’s a link for that feature:


May 16th — Sustainable Renovation

What are the more sustainable and popular materials and designs?  Presenter was Steve Stevens, who has converted a 1970s brick ranch into a beyond-net-zero energy home using sustainable renovation.  The session was video recorded — Click here to view it on YouTube.


June 20th — Water Conservation

The latest concepts and products for conserving water use, both indoors and outdoors.  The presenter was Ben Wade from the Colorado Water Conservation Board.  Click here to view the 50-minute session on YouTube.